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Men's Rimless Glasses Canada

Men love rimless glasses frames because the style reveals more of the face, eyes, and features of the face. Donald Rumsfeld is a great example of how good a man can look in rimless glasses. Rimless glasses also offer a very professional look, a clean and clear look which is very effective in the workplace. But remember, rimless frame are a bit more expensive for lens installation, because they require a sturdier prescription lens. Also they do not hold up as well as fully rimmed eyeglass frames. If you are a man that is gentle and careful with your glasses, and tend to keep them on your face all day, rimless eyeglass frames are a great choice. If you are a man that tends to be hard on his glasses, you should probably avoid rimless eyeglass frames.

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  1. RB1001 Rimless Prescription Glasses Silver
    RB1001 Rimless Prescription Glasses Silver
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $200.00
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  2. RB1001 Rimless Prescription Glasses Black
    RB1001 Rimless Prescription Glasses Black
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $200.00
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  3. R1041 Rimless Prescription Glasses Silver
    R1041 Rimless Prescription Glasses Silver
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $200.00
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  4. R1041 Rimless Prescription Glasses Gun
    R1041 Rimless Prescription Glasses Gun
    Special Price $49.95 Regular Price $200.00
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  5. R1041 Rimless Prescription Glasses Gold
    R1041 Rimless Prescription Glasses Gold
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5 Items

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Men’s Rimless Eyeglasses are lightweight and Comfortable with a Sophisticated Look

Eyewear Canada has the best Men’s Rimless Eyeglasses at unbelievably low prices. As one of the most popular styles of men’s eyewear, frameless glasses are lightweight and extremely versatile. They also seamlessly blend in with any formal or casual attire for work and play. With their minimalist designs and face and eyes accentuating features, rimless spectacles look like you’re not even wearing glasses.

With practically weightless frames, rimless men’s eyeglasses are always in style and keep you looking cool and trendy all year long. They are also durable despite their lightweight properties and perfect for prescription and non-prescription lenses alike.

Find the Best Pair of Prescription Rimless Eyeglasses for Men in all the Latest Designs

There are several ways to customize your men’s rimless eyeglasses at Eyewear Canada. This includes traditional spectacles with smaller and simpler metal arms. How about a bold, scholarly look with thicker plastic arms? We feature rimless frames in all styles and themes without designer prices.

From modern, contemporary frames to ultra-lightweight glasses, you and yours can save up to 70% with online purchases. We guarantee free shipping on all orders over $99 with a safe and secure checkout. As always, you can personalize your rimless eyewear with single vision bifocals, no progressives, or non-RX lenses as needed. Rimless glasses are ideal for men with round, oval faces, and we can easily include adjustable nose pads, rubber temples, spring hinges, and more for added convenience.

Buy Rimless Men’s Eyeglasses at the Best Prices

Eyewear Canada believes in cost-affordable, high-performance eyewear without expensive price tags. With a dedicated team of optical experts, technicians, sales reps, and friendly online live chat support, we are always available to answer all your eyewear-related questions and concerns.

With our user-friendly website, it’s easy to find, buy, and check out the men’s rimless glasses you need. Our “try it on” tool is a fun, engaging way to virtually try on hundreds of pairs of glasses from the comfort of your home or office.  From rimless and semi-rimless to full-rimmed glasses, Eyewear Canada will achieve all your desired results. Browse our online store today and let us put your vision in focus!

Men’s Rimless Eyeglasses FAQs

Do rimless glasses look better on men?

Rimless eyeglasses for men are stylish, lightweight, and comfortable. They look great on men that prefer minimalist eyewear frames and designs. These glasses accentuate men’s faces, especially the eyes with angular facial features. features a wide array of frameless glasses for men at unbeatable prices. It’s as easy as browsing our Rimless and Frameless glasses store for substantial discounts and free shipping on most orders.

Are rimless frames good for progressive lenses?

Rimless frames offer a subtle elegance with flexible, lightweight features. These popular spectacles for men are ideal for formal gatherings, casual occasions, and everyday wear. Rimless glasses are good for progressive lenses for men that prefer the following:

  • Progressive lenses for vision correction without bulky rims and frames. The subtle strength of titanium ensures high-performance frames with rimless designs that feel like you do not even have glasses on.
  • Trifocal and progressive lenses combine different prescriptions into a single lens. Rimless mens eyeglasses are available in shorter frames with rounded edges. We feature retro wingtip, circular, oval, horn-rimmed, and other rimless eyewear frame styles that never distort your vision for the sake of fashion.
  • Mens Rimless glasses have frames that are limited to temples and bridges. The lenses are exposed on all sides but not surrounded by frame materials. These glasses are perfect for men that need prescription glasses but want to look hip, trendy, and cool at all times.

Are rimless glasses the same as frameless glasses?

Rimless eyewear is the same as frameless eyewear. These are glasses without rims but with lenses that rely on temples and nose bridges to create structures.

At Eyewear Canada, we are your premier online eyewear company with so many different frame materials, styles, colors, designs, RX lenses, and non-prescription lenses. For men that want lightweight comfort with a matured look, Mens Rimless Eyeglasses is the best choice.

How to put the lens back in rimless glasses?

Most of the time, all you need to do is pop the lenses back into the frames. While this works great with plastic frames, it’s a bit trickier with rimless glasses. Eyewear Canada features skilled opticians and technicians that can salvage your glasses with new lenses. We can also advise you on how best to put lenses back into rimless glasses if they pop out. Simply contact our live chat team for more assistance or questions today.

Who should wear rimless glasses?

Rimless eyewear is perfect for men and women that love flexible and versatile glasses. Frameless spectacles are lightweight, comfortable, and accentuate your eyes and facial features. Unisex rimless glasses are hard to recognize from a distance giving people the impression that you don’t even have glasses on.

As your one-stop source for eyeglasses, sunglasses, frames, lenses, and accessories, Eyewear Canada is committed to excellence in helping you find the right eyewear with substantial online savings. Browse our huge inventory of eyeglasses in all the latest designs, styles, and top-named brands today.